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The Headquaters for the event where you need to sign on in the morning of the event is at :-


The Burgess Hill Academy

Station Rd, Burgess Hill RH15 9EA


There is free parking at the HQ and when this park facility fills up there are a few key places to park in Burgess Hill which should be free to park on a Sunday, they are :-

1) Burgess Hill Market Place Shopping Centre

2) Station Road Car Park (next to McDonalds)

3) Cyprus Hall Car Partk 

Signing on 

To speed up sigining on we will be staggering the signing on times as usual. 

Classic Route riders (72 mile) can sign on any time from 7.40am (Please sign on as early as possible)

Challenge Route riders (54 mile) can sign on from 8.00am 

Tour Route riders (36 miles) can sign on from 8.30am 

Signing will stop at 9.30am after this time no more sign on’s for the event will be accepted. 

Start Times 

The first rider off from the start area will be at 8.30am. 

You can queue from 8 am and if possible we will send people off earlier if marshalls and feed stations are ready for riders. 

Bike Advice

You are advised to use a racing bike to take part in the event , 

Be aware that tri bars are not allowwed on bikes for this event.

Please make sure you have repair tools and spare inner tubes etc in case of a puncture. 

Make sure you know how to change an inner tube before starting the event. 

Safety of other road users 


When you are taking part in this event you are to follow the rules of the highway code and be courteous to all other road users and pedestrians. Be aware that by taking part in this event you are representing cycling.


Particular care should be taken in respect of horse riders. 


Follow this advice from the British Horse Society to ensure that both you and the horse riders can continue with a safe and enjoyable ride.




The most important thing is to make the rider aware of your presence. If approaching from behind, horses have a very large blind spot and won’t see you until you’re practically level with their heads. It’s vital therefore to let the riders know you’re there with a clear “good morning” or similar. Don’t shout overly loudly but don’t be too tentative either. A horse is far less likely to be spooked by the sound of your voice than by being suddenly surprised by you appearing next to them. Wait until they’ve acknowledged your presence and follow any instructions they may give you for passing.


Slow down


Whether approaching horses from behind or head on, slow right down and be prepared to stop. This applies whether you’re out for a training ride or taking part in an event. Allow plenty of time and distance for the horse and rider to become aware of your presence.


Avoid unexpected noises


Don’t shift gears or brake hard when approaching horses as these sort of mechanical noises can easily spook them.


Pass wide


Most horses being ridden on the road are used to passing traffic so, as long as you give them plenty of room and pass to the right as you normally would, they’ll be fine. Allow room in case they are surprised or startled, this is as much for your safety as it is for the horse and rider. If there isn’t space to pass safely, wait until a suitable opportunity arises, just as you’d hope a car would do the same for you.


Be visible


The more warning a horse rider has of you approaching, the better. Make sure you are visible and have suitable lights fitted to your bike, although avoid flashing front lights as these can scare horses. 


Be observant


Keep an eye out for signs that there may be horses around. Fresh dung, bridleways that cross the road and nearby stables are all fairly clear indicators. Look out for horses being ridden two abreast as this can indicate a younger or nervous horse. Some riders will also wear tabards indicating a young or nervous horse or if they’re an inexperienced rider.




Large groups of cyclists can be especially alarming for horses so, if you’re out on a club run or taking part in an event with other riders, be especially aware of this. Follow all the advice above, communicate through the group that you’re slowing down and split into groups of four or five riders to pass. The horse riders may be able to find a safe place, stop and let you pass as one group but you have to allow them the time to do this.


Be polite


It can be frustrating to have to slow down but always be polite and pleasant. We are all sharing the roads so we need to work with each other and respect other road users. Don’t take offence if a horse rider doesn’t appear to acknowledge your consideration, they are probably concentrating on controlling their horse.


For further information take a look at the code of conduct for horse riders and cyclists from the British Horse Society.


This cyclosportive is held under British Cycling Regulations so you must wear a UK road legal cycling helmet to take part. 

Timing and log in locations  

All riders will be timed using SportIdents Timing Chips. So that we can confirm what route you have completed you must sign in at certain feed stops using your timing chip. See below:-

Classic route riders must log in at Hever Village Hall  Feed stop @40.5 miles. 

Challenge route riders must log in at Forest Row Community Centre @33 miles 

Tour route riders must log in at Ardingly, St Peters Church Centre @23 miles. 

NOTE: You can stop at all feed stops but the above are the specific feed stops you must stop at to log in your timing chip. If you stop at all feed stops or more than one you will be given a split time on your results for the time you arrived at each feed stop. 

Event Help line Number

To take part in this event we strongly advise that you have a mobile phone with you to use should you run into difficulty while taking part in the event. 

The Event line number is to only be used should you be unable to continue or require mechanical help. In the case of a serious medical  issue, you should call 999  before contacting the Event Help Line Number

Event Help Line Number is 07771928201


Cut off time 

All riders must finish by  4.30pm if you are not back by 4pm you will recieve a call to find out how you are doing and whether the Broom Wagon needs to pick you up. 

Broom Wagon 

The Broom Wagon will follow behind the last rider of the ride so it might not always be possible to take riders who are unable to finish the ride back to the HQ immediately.  Mechanics and other staff out on the course will do their best to get you back to the HQ as fast as possible if you have been unable to continue the ride. Although you may well have to wait a while at a feed station for a pick up, we do do our best to get you back to the HQ asap. 

After you finish the ride 

When you have finished the ride you need to take your number off the bike and return it along with your timing chip to the SiEntries timing staff who will issue you with your time and give you some event tokens for food at the canteen along with some sponsors goodies.  You must return your timing chip or you will be charged.