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There are three stunning routes to choose from of different distances and difficulties to give everybody a challenge to their fitness levels with a great day on the bike.  All routes on the Etape du Sussex start off relatively flat before heading into the Ashdown Forest area where most of the major hills for all three routes reside.

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Route details

The three routes are :-

The Classic route at 86 miles Click Here

The Challenge route at 63 miles Click Here

The Tour route at 50 miles Click Here

Different Terrains

It’s fair to say that the Etape du Sussex is a ride of two halves, with the first half being much hillier than the second half.

The difference in terrain on the routes means that to set your best time on the Etape du Sussex and get that coveted gold standard, you have to gauge where you personally can make up the most time.

Do you go hard in the first half, climbing the hills as quickly as possible and then hope you can keep the speed in your legs for the rest of the route? Or do you take it slightly easier on the hills in the first half, to be able to put your maximum effort into the flatter roads in the second half back to the finish?

Whatever tactic you choose to get your best time on this Cyclosportive there is no doubt that this is a good ride along some really picturesque roads in Sussex.

The Hills

There are a couple of steep climbs on this cyclosportive like the short but steep Cob Lane but mostly the climbs are long gradual climbs which are situated in the Ashdown Forest in the first half of each route. Most notably is the exaggerated false flat of Lampool Hill, which takes riders to the top of Ashdown Forest for some great views of the Forest and other parts of Sussex.

The Descents

The Etape du Sussex Cyclosportive has an abundance of very fast exhilarating descents. For example, riders descend the infamous Kidds Hill where great care should be taken, as speeds above 40mph can be achieved.

Please descend with great caution on Kidds Hill. The bottom of the hill narrows due to a small bridge over a stream and if a car is coming the other way it can be a bit of a squeeze to get through.

All entrants should be aware that we stipulate that all riders should wear a helmet when taking part in any event in the Road Ride Events cyclosportives series.

At the event

  1. Fast Signing on in the morning.
  2. Choice of 3 routes, riders can change route they do on the day if they like, even on route.
  3. All routes comprehensively marked with arrows
  4. Map and emergency number available to riders when signing on.
  5. Three Feed Stations for the Classic Route 87 miles All feed stations have toilets All feed stations have free energy drink for riders.
  6. All feed stations have free savory foods for riders
  7. Mechanics available on route
  8. All riders are electronically timed and Gold, Silver, or Bronze standards are awarded.
  9. All riders are awarded certificates for their rides which are downloadable from SI Entries
  10. Different standard awards given for age groups and men and women.
  11. Great event photos. Avelo Images are the official photographers.
  12. Free snack meal to enjoy after the ride.
  13. Massage available at a specially reduced price at the event.
  14. Broom wagon available.
  15. Road Ride Events  Loyalty discount to other events for all riders who enter via the on-line SI Entries system.
  16. Great discount to the Burgess Hill Springtime Classic in 2023.
  17. FREE Secret Training Bottle and other products.
  18. FREE Continetal Race 700c inner tube